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Kick of the New Year in Health and Vitality!

Join in a wellness accountably challenge to kick off the New Year! How many times do we make resolutions and they last for a few days and fizzle out. Well not this year, your time is NOW! This 21 day challenge will help you with a sense of community as you kickstart a journey towards a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle.

You have access to a community Facebook group and a certified holistic health coach. This accountability serves as a cornerstone for success, with support and motivation to adhere to lifestyle change. Each day presents an opportunity to move through a trifecta of wellness through nutrition, movement and a positive mindset! We will celebrate our successes and move through our blocks! Other benefits include recipes, meditations, journal prompts, fun facts and inspiration! 

This program runs on a sliding scale, pay what you can! My goal is to have a light hearted and inclusive pop up program. You pay what you are comfortable with, I do however, energetically encourage you to pay a few dollars over your comfort level! Just committing and paying for this program is a first step into growth and commitment! 

Are you ready to actually make some changes this year! It all starts within you! If you feel ready, click that button below. I cannot wait to see you inside! 

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